【PS5/PS4】Top 5 Must-Play Time-Dissolving Games ~Part1~ (Recommended Games)

This article introduces game titles that captivate and allow players to lose track of time from among titles playable on “PS5/PS4.”

As these titles have received high ratings on Metacritic, I hope they serve as a helpful reference when purchasing games.

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Ghost of Tsushima / Metascore: 83 points

Game Overview

An open-world samurai action RPG woven by the resurrected “Ghost” from the underworld

“Ghost of Tsushima” is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions from the United States and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan on July 17, 2020. It has garnered high acclaim in the gaming industry.

The game is set in the latter half of the 13th century during the Bun’ei era. It revolves around a historical event of the Mongol Empire invading Tsushima, wreaking havoc upon the samurai of Tsushima.

The protagonist, Jin Sakai, rises to defend Tsushima, plunging himself into battle against the Mongol forces.

Players assume the role of Jin Sakai, fighting alongside him to shape the future of Tsushima. The open-world map meticulously recreates the beautiful landscapes, buildings, and attire of Tsushima.

Players can freely explore Tsushima, discovering new quests, items, and equipment.

The game offers various combat styles tailored to the player, including the “Samurai Style” using swords, “Archery Style” employing bows, and a “Stealth Style” as the Ghost, providing diverse combat experiences.

Combat depth is enhanced through techniques such as parrying, evading, and building up resolve for special attacks.

For those seeking a challenge, difficulty settings like the “Lethal Mode” provide intense battles.

Character progression is a key element, allowing the protagonist to gain experience, learn new skills upon leveling up, and strengthen stats.

Increasing fame unlocks new quests and equipment, enhancing the enjoyment of combat and exploration.

Equipment upgrades are also possible using resources acquired in battle, boosting combat prowess.

The game’s beautiful graphics faithfully recreate Japanese landscapes and culture. Additionally, the Kurosawa Mode offers a monochromatic display reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa’s samurai films, allowing players to immerse in a cinematic atmosphere.

“Ghost of Tsushima” received acclaim for its rich storyline, expansive open-world, deep combat mechanics, and stunning graphics, earning numerous awards as one of the best games of 2020.

Players embody the protagonist Jin Sakai, participating in an epic adventure to shape the future of Tsushima while experiencing Japan’s history and culture.

Reviews, User Feedback (Summary)

Positive Feedback
 ● Immersive gameplay with realistic action and storytelling
 ● Profound combat depth based on swordsmanship techniques
 ● Balanced game length without excessive dragging

Negative Feedback
 ● Despite being open-world, lacks exploration points, leading to monotony
 ● Unnecessary stealth elements
 ● Limited variety in enemy types and attack patterns

ELDEN RING / Metascore: 96 points

Game Overview

Venture into a vast dark fantasy world full of excitement

“Elden Ring” is an open-world action RPG developed by FromSoftware and released on February 25, 2022.

“Elden Ring” offers players an expansive world of adventure filled with various captivating elements.

Set in a fantastical fictional world known as the “Lands Between,” it presents a richly layered dark fantasy setting.

The story revolves around exploring the mystical and perilous Lands Between to obtain an artifact called the Elden Ring. While the main storyline is somewhat intricate, including engaging subplots adds to its overall appeal.

Players must develop their characters while battling formidable enemies across different regions of the “Elden Ring” world to restore order.

The game employs an open-world format, allowing players to freely explore the field.

One of its distinctive features is the ability to freely roam the vast fields, discovering astonishing vistas and hidden locations.

The battle system is strategic and challenging, requiring players to guard, parry, evade enemy attacks, and seize attacking opportunities.

Combat primarily resembles the gameplay of previous “DARK SOULS” series (Soul-like, challenging), including mechanics such as weak and strong attacks, jump attacks, evasion, parrying, and fatal strikes against downed enemies.

A variety of weapons and abilities (skills) are available, demanding players to utilize them effectively when facing tough adversaries.

The battles are both simple and intricate, testing the player’s skill and tactics. Cooperative battles with NPCs known as spirits are integrated into the battle system, emphasizing teamwork to defeat enemies.

The skill development system offers players considerable freedom. Through “stat allocation” and “build construction,” players can nurture characters according to their preferences.

Elements like weapon enhancement cater to a wide range of players, from beginners to experienced Souls-like players.

“Elden Ring” combines its beautiful open-world, strategic and engaging battles, profound storyline, and diverse character development, delivering a satisfying action RPG experience to players.

Why not immerse yourself in this world and embark on the grand adventure to seek the Elden Ring?

Reviews, User Feedback (Summary)

Positive Feedback
 ● Mechanisms allowing even beginners of challenging games to progress
 ● Engaging variety of weapons, magic, and combat styles
 ● Enjoyable exploration elements alongside combat

Negative Feedback
 ● Some preferred the conventional dungeon-type gameplay
 ● The game itself is interesting, but the story didn’t engage some players
 ● Desire for difficulty settings more tailored to beginners

Tales of ARISE / Metascore: 87 points

Game Overview

A grand fantasy story that shakes the destinies of two worlds

“Tales of ARISE” is the latest installment of the Tales series, an action RPG released on September 9, 2021.

This game incorporates numerous elements, including its epic storyline, diverse characters, real-time action battles, expansive fields, and a magnificent soundtrack, offering a rich gaming experience.

The story takes place in a world with two planets, Dana and Rena. 300 years ago, Dana suffered an unexpected invasion from Rena, leading to an endless subjugation.

A Dana native, Alphen, encounters Shionne, a girl from Rena being pursued by her own people.

From this unforeseen encounter between Alphen, who has lost the ability to feel pain, and Shionne, who brings pain to others, an enthralling story that alters destinies begins.

This title showcases unique characters typical of the Tales series, including Alphen and Shionne, who undergo growth throughout the narrative, gradually deepening the story through their experiences and emotions.

Players can explore vast fields, completing both main and side quests, immersing themselves in the game’s world.

Activities like fishing and camping offer enjoyable diversions, adding to the allure of the game’s “side trips.”

The game’s battle system progresses in real-time, allowing players to enjoy fast-paced action battles.

In addition to basic attacks, players can combine a variety of elements such as Artes, Boost Attacks, and Boost Strikes used by Alphen, crafting battle strategies.

Several development elements are available; as characters level up, their basic stats improve, allowing them to acquire more potent Artes and Boost Attacks.

The Skill Panel enables characters to learn skills individually, allowing players to customize skill configurations according to their tactics.

Equipment comprises categories like weapons, armor, and accessories, each with different stat enhancements and unique effects, enabling diverse combinations.

With its progression in the storyline, thrilling battles, character growth, and field exploration, “Tales of ARISE” encapsulates the charms of an action RPG.

Why not take on this grand adventure and experience a new world and story?

Reviews, User Feedback (Summary)

Positive Feedback
 ● Well-received game with impressive graphics and music appealing to many
 ● Found to be the most engaging in the Tales series, accessible even for beginners
 ● Each character has a story, making them likable

Negative Feedback
 ● Disappointing shift towards more action-oriented gameplay from RPG elements
 ● Significant disparity in strength between regular enemies and boss characters
 ● Unnecessary elements like skits were deemed unnecessary

Horizon Forbidden West / Metascore: 88 points

Game Overview

A sequel to the grand story and adventure, venturing into the forbidden lands of the American West, harboring mysterious new threats

“Horizon Forbidden West” is an open-world action RPG released on February 18, 2022, unfolding a grand adventure set in the American West.

As the sequel to “Horizon Zero Dawn,” it provides players with opportunities to explore an unknown world and experience epic battles.

The sequel’s story takes place six months after the events of the previous game. Once again, robotic creatures rampage, prompting Aloy to journey to the forbidden West to investigate the cause.

In the West, survivors of the Zero Dawn project have established their unique culture.

Aloy collaborates with the surviving indigenous people, seeking the key to preventing the world’s collapse.

This installment employs an open-world format, offering more expansive and diverse fields than the previous game.

Lush forests, stunning coastlines, dilapidated cities, majestic mountains await players, with underwater fields newly added for exploration.

The battle system primarily revolves around melee attacks with a spear, supplemented by long-range attacks using bows and other weapons.

Utilizing a diverse array of weapons such as bows, spears, bombs, slingshots, and spear guns, players confront enemies.

Furthermore, mastering acquired skills grants advantages during battles.

New elements like a stealth system and additional skills/items usable during combat have been introduced in this installment.

“Horizon Forbidden West” is designed to entice players into an unknown world, combining a vast open-world, captivating storyline, diverse weaponry, and an exhilarating combat system.

Why not embark on the grand adventure, risking the fate of the world alongside Aloy?

Reviews, User Feedback (Summary)

Positive Feedback
 ● Outstanding graphics that surpass others
 ● Freedom to explore vast maps, enriched with events like side quests
 ● Intriguing continuation of the storyline from the previous game

Negative Feedback
 ● Understanding the story might be challenging for those who haven’t played previous titles
 ● Fast travel and override (riding) functions can be somewhat cumbersome
 ● Abundance of features might overwhelm game novices

Gran Turismo 7 / Metascore: 87 points

Game Overview

Experience the pinnacle of racing games in your hands

“Gran Turismo 7” is the latest installment in the Gran Turismo series, released on March 4, 2022.

It offers a more realistic driving experience than its predecessors, catering to both series fans and new players.

The game’s allure primarily lies in its extensive variety of cars. It includes over 60 automobile manufacturers and more than 400 car models, ranging from everyday cars to rare models and legendary racing cars, selected across diverse eras and regions.

Players can select cars that suit their preferences and dive into the world of racing.

The game features a diverse range of tracks, providing over 90 track layouts. This allows players to experience different performances and sensations based on the vehicle they choose.

Races with changing weather conditions are also possible, including classic tracks.

This enables players to test their driving techniques in various situations.

“GT Mode,” a traditional feature of the series, has made a comeback in this installment. It incorporates a campaign mode progressing through vehicle purchases, tuning, and races.

Beyond this mode, various other options like Arcade and Driving School are available.

The game caters to different player styles, whether hardcore racers, casual players, collectors, tuners, designers, photographers, etc., allowing them to enjoy the game according to their preferences.

Moreover, by utilizing the DualSense Wireless Controller, players can experience immersive racing sensations designed specifically for this controller.

The customization options are extensive, allowing changes such as swapping wheels to suit the car, altering exterior colors according to personal preferences, and adding custom parts to the exterior.

This enables players to craft their unique original cars and customize their performance and appearance, offering a delightful experience.

“Gran Turismo 7” delivers a realistic portrayal, faithfully reproducing real-world circuits and providing an immersive driving experience with its vehicles. Considered the pinnacle of the series, this game offers the ultimate racing experience.

Reviews, User Feedback (Summary)

Positive Feedback
 ● The joy of tuning vehicles according to personal preferences is fantastic
 ● The graphics are beautiful, and cars are meticulously detailed
 ● Realistic driving experiences using DualSense are possible

Negative Feedback
 ● Supercars and legendary cars are overly expensive
 ● The requirement for online connectivity is somewhat inconvenient
 ● Somewhat lacking in content/volume

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