【Switch】Top 5 Must-Play Games Where Time Melts Away ~Part1~ (Recommended Games)

This article introduces game titles that captivate and make you lose track of time among the titles playable on the “Nintendo Switch.”

As these titles have also received high ratings on Metacritic, I hope this serves as a reference when considering purchasing games.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Metascore: 97 points

Game Summary

The Beginning of a New Legend

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is an open-world action-adventure game released by Nintendo in March 2017.

With over 3.5 million copies sold, it stands as the grandest game in the history of Zelda, featuring an epic storyline and high degree of freedom in gameplay.

The story revolves around sealing the calamity Ganon, who threatened the kingdom of Hyrule a century ago, and the journey of Link and companions to save the kingdom once again.

Players, as Link, traverse various locations within the Kingdom of Hyrule, unlocking divine beasts crucial to defeating Ganon while gaining strength.

The main allure of this game lies in its vast and beautiful open-world environment.
Players can freely explore the landscape encompassing mountains, rivers, forests, plains, seas, and more.

The field harbors diverse elements such as various enemies, hidden items, weapons, great fairy fountains, and shrines. Additionally, the field’s conditions change with weather and time.

Battles unfold with action-packed elements, requiring players to use various weapons and gadgets to combat enemies.

Discerning enemy weaknesses, employing skillful attacks and evasion, utilizing the environment and terrain are essential tactics, allowing players to adopt diverse combat styles through their ingenuity.

As weapons have durability, switching between multiple weapons during combat is essential.

Players acquire weapons by defeating enemies or obtaining them from the field or chests if they wish to replenish.

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” amalgamates immersive open-world experiences with diverse elements, offering players the enjoyment of free exploration and strategic combat, making it an exceptional game.

Reviews and Feedback (Summary)

High Ratings
 ● Unparalleled sense of achievement when solving puzzles independently
 ● Exciting gameplay experience to share with children
 ● Not necessarily higher in quality compared to AAA titles but strangely captivating

Low Ratings
 ● Found the controls difficult and gave up playing
 ● Exploration is fun but became repetitive and tedious
 ● Finished the game, but it felt overly long…

Octopath Traveler II / Metascore: 84 points

Game Summary

Embark on “Your Own Story,” Experience the Finest “HD-2D” Graphics

“Octopath Traveler II,” released in February 2023, is an HD-2D RPG and the latest numbered installment in the “Octopath Traveler” series. The game world has been completely renewed from the previous installment.

This game offers beautiful visual representations utilizing a distinctive graphical style and an engaging RPG where the individual stories of eight protagonists intersect.

Players can explore a vast world, reliving the adventures of each protagonist, and indulge in diverse game systems.

The game’s graphics employ a unique HD-2D graphical style, combining 2D pixel art with 3D effects, creating an enchanting world that captivates players.

While some may initially resist the 2D graphics, the well-crafted graphics within the field and cityscapes, imbuing depth within the 2D realm, gradually become familiar as you play.

The story revolves around eight protagonists with diverse backgrounds.
Players switch between these protagonists, engaging in character-specific events, interacting with townsfolk, and advancing the story by leveraging special abilities and skills.

Each character’s story is divided into a maximum of 5 chapters, increasing enemy difficulty as chapters progress and offering various story developments for players’ enjoyment.

The interaction and relationships among the protagonists enrich the narrative.

In the battle system of “Octopath Traveler,” “Boost” and “Break” are crucial elements for advancing battles.

Consuming accumulated BP (Boost Points) per turn enhances the number of attacks or damage inflicted, strategically breaking the enemy’s weaknesses, contributing to more effective combat.

BP can accumulate up to 5 points, allowing for diverse strategies by using them to deplete enemy shields, waiting for a break to deliver massive damage, and expanding the breadth of tactics.

Moreover, in “Octopath Traveler II,” a new element called “Talent” has been added.

Talent gradually accumulates a unique power within battles when taking damage or breaking enemies, significantly enhancing normal attacks and skills.

Each of the eight protagonists possesses a unique Talent that becomes a decisive factor in battle dynamics.

While turn-based command battles might seem mundane in contemporary gaming trends, the incorporation of systems like Boost, Break, and Talent allows for enjoying strategic battles.

Continuing from the previous installment, utilizing Field Commands in towns and fields enables various actions towards NPCs.

There are two types of Field Commands unique to each character, triggering diverse events such as conversations, information gathering, item acquisition, sub-event initiation, or starting battles.

Though this game is a numbered title, it’s entirely enjoyable even if the previous installment was not played. It’s a must-see for those seeking a classic RPG experience.

Reviews and Feedback (Summary)

High Ratings
 ● Despite being pixel art, it’s as enjoyable as current AAA titles
 ● A must-play for RPG enthusiasts
 ● Outstanding BGM during events and battles

Low Ratings
 ● Lacks significant evolution from the previous installment
 ● HD-2D maps are slightly challenging to navigate
 ● The open-world design might lead to boredom if exploration order is incorrect and levels escalate too quickly

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe / Metascore: 92 points

Game Summary

Experience the Ultimate Racing Adventure with Mario and Friends

“Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is a racing game released in April 2017, serving as the latest installment in the traditional “Mario Kart” series.

Supporting gameplay from one to four players, the online mode accommodates up to 12 participants.

Featuring new tracks and familiar courses from past series, along with a diverse range of characters from the Mario series, it offers an enjoyable gaming experience, leveraging individual characteristics and abilities.

In “Grand Prix mode,” twelve characters race across four courses, aiming for victory.

In the other mode, “Battle mode,” intense battles unfold, requiring players to employ various tactics to defeat opponents.

Utilizing Joy-Con provides a driving-like experience, enabling local wireless play and online matches with players worldwide.

The courses span various themes, ranging from normal roads to deserts, snow, underwater, aerial, and fantasy-inspired tracks.

These courses feature diverse gimmicks like jumps, shortcuts, hidden pathways, tunnels, requiring players to strategize and compete.

Designed to be enjoyable for both beginners and veterans alike.

The carts used in races offer variations such as karts, buggies, bikes, ATVs, gliders, each possessing unique characteristics in weight, speed, acceleration, and collision susceptibility. Players choose carts according to their play styles.

“Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” encompasses a wide range of racing elements and characteristics, captivating players with its gameplay that appeals to both adults and children.

Reviews and Feedback (Summary)

High Ratings
 ● A fantastic experience when played with the whole family
 ● The simple gameplay is great
 ● It’s captivating to get engrossed with kids

Low Ratings
 ● Prefer the enjoyment from the Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64 eras
 ● Excessive screen shaking didn’t suit
 ● Didn’t live up to the level of acclaim received

Shin Megami Tensei V / Metascore: 84 points

Game Summary

Thou shalt become a god…

“Shin Megami Tensei V” is the fifth installment in the dark fantasy RPG series released by Atlus in November 2021.

The story begins as the protagonist, a high school student, is suddenly transported to a different world known as “Da’at.”

In this realm, gods and demons from mythological worlds engage in conflicts, battling for control over the order of “Da’at.”

The protagonist encounters a resident of “Da’at” named “Nahobino” and embarks on the struggle within Da’at alongside her, uncovering the truth behind the story.

Employing branching storylines that alter based on player choices.

The battle system utilizes a mechanic called “Press Turn Battle,” displaying the action sequence of enemies and allies in numerical order, shaping the combat accordingly.

Players can recruit demons called “Nakama” to participate in battles, allowing for diverse tactical strategies by combining these elements.

Gaining experience points and items by achieving victories becomes crucial for leveling up the protagonist and the demons.

Utilizing the “Demon Fusion” system allows for the creation of stronger Nakama through the fusion of demons.

As players recruit new demons or reach specific levels, various types of “Demon Fusion” gradually become available.

“Shin Megami Tensei V” offers players choices and strategic elements, delivering multiple endings and immersive battle experiences.

Reviews and Feedback (Summary)

High Ratings
 ● Evolution in game systems, including maps, despite the long-awaited release
 ● Map evolution incentivizes exploration
 ● As a series fan, just having a continuation was delightful

Low Ratings
 ● Even on normal difficulty, it felt quite challenging…
 ● The development from the middle onwards seemed somewhat rushed
 ● Game balance was disrupted when using DLC

Natsumon! Summer Vacation in the 20th Century / Metascore: No data

Game Summary

Now, off to that grand summer adventure

“Natsumon! Summer Vacation in the 20th Century” is an adventure game set during the summer vacation of 1999, released in July 2023.

This creation is the latest work crafted by Mr. Millennium Kitchen Ayabe, focusing on the nostalgia of summer vacations and childhood.

Players experience a one-month summer vacation in “Yomogi Town” as a 10-year-old boy named Satoru.

The story follows Satoru assisting the “Illusion Circus” as the son of the circus ringmaster while experiencing various activities, showcasing his growth in Yomogi Town.

Activities such as insect collecting, fishing, assisting with the circus performance, summer festivals, mountain climbing, and beach outings await players.

These activities unfold in a heartwarming atmosphere, capturing nostalgic scenes and sensations of summer, evoking cherished memories of summer vacation.

“Yomogi Town” is an open-world where players can live freely, surrounded by carefully detailed graphics portraying elements like cumulonimbus clouds, sunsets, and the sound of cicadas, providing a realistic feel of summer vacation days.

“Natsumon! Summer Vacation in the 20th Century” offers players a journey down memory lane, reviving heartwarming and nostalgic memories of summer, making it an endearing game.

Reviews and Feedback (Summary)

Positive Reviews
 ● Enjoyable from start to finish, evoking nostalgia
 ● Hadn’t played this genre before, but found it surprisingly enjoyable
 ● Loved the nostalgic events like radio exercises

Negative Reviews
 ● Character setup felt odd for child characters
 ● Disappointing rushed feeling towards the end
 ● Felt restricted due to objectives, lacking a sense of freedom

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