【PS5/PS4】Top 5 Must-Play Time-Dissolving Games ~Part2~ (Recommended Games)

This article introduces game titles that captivate and allow players to lose track of time from among titles playable on “PS5/PS4.”

As these titles have received high ratings on Metacritic, I hope they serve as a helpful reference when purchasing games.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake / Metascore: 87 points

Game Overview

Resurrecting into a “new story” through the passage of time, the battle for the fate of the planet returns

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is a game released in April 2020 for the PS4, a production that fully remakes the original PS version of “Final Fantasy VII”.

While the main storyline of the past title, “Final Fantasy VII,” is maintained, the story’s content has been updated as a remake and portrayed in greater detail than the original.

This installment covers the events up to the escape from Midgar and includes main characters such as Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and the members of Avalanche.

Moreover, many newly designed characters appear, further enriching the narrative.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is structured as a trilogy, set to be released gradually.

The battle system is designed as a real-time action RPG, demanding intuitive controls akin to action games.

Through the Active Time Battle System, strategic elements are heightened, requiring players to utilize abilities and magic for each character in combat.

As a result, the battles are dynamic, with strategic elements interwoven throughout.

Similar to the original, elements such as equipment, materia, and summoning creatures are included, allowing for character growth and customization.

Additional episodes and side quests are also available, offering players more adventures and challenges.

The graphics have significantly improved, showcasing realistic field effects, character expressions, and performances.

While inheriting the charm of the original, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” provides a new allure through upgraded graphics and battle system evolution, highly anticipated by fans.

The next installment, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” is scheduled for release in February 2024.

It will incorporate further new elements, including the adoption of an open-world setting and the introduction of cooperative battle techniques.

Reviews and Comments (Summary)

High Ratings
● The graphics, story, game system—all elements were upgraded and enjoyable.
● The speed of battles felt exhilarating and satisfying.
● The detailed portrayal compared to the original was irresistible for FF7 fans.

Low Ratings
● Disappointed as it didn’t surpass the original in entertainment value as expected.
● Disappointment with the action-oriented battle system.
● The map felt monotonous with little to do apart from moving around.

DEATH STRANDING / Metascore: 82 points

Game Overview

A story of holding hope for the future, relentlessly walking to reconnect the world once more

“DEATH STRANDING,” released in November 2019, is an action game depicting the grand adventure of Sam Porter Bridges, the protagonist, who acts as a delivery person, transporting goods while journeying through the desolate future of America.

The game revolves around the unique aspect of delivering packages, where players assume the role of the protagonist, Sam, delivering various types of cargo to their destinations.

Set in a vast open-world environment, players navigate through various terrains and enemies while delivering packages, overcoming obstacles scattered across the field.

Alongside the protagonist Sam, players aim to rebuild the desolate future of America, uncovering mysteries and secrets during the journey. Collaborating with other characters encountered during deliveries is crucial in unraveling significant story elements.

Apart from deliveries, combat also holds a pivotal role where players confront enemies who disrupt deliveries, utilizing various weapons.

Notably, combat against the supernatural entities called BTs is crucial. BTs are lingering spirits of the deceased, and players, with the assistance of BB, detect BTs and counter them using special weaponry.

There’s also an online element called the “Strand System” allowing loose connections with other players. Through this system, players can share “items” and “structures” used during deliveries, as well as give “likes” to aid other players.

Hideo Kojima, the game’s producer, emphasizes the significance of handprints used as icons in the game, stating that by opening one’s palm, connections can be made with others, while closing the palm can exclude them, representing connections with other players and NPCs within the game.

“DEATH STRANDING” stands out with its unique gameplay focused on deliveries and profound storytelling. Its expansive world, combat elements, and distinctive communication aspects offer players an unprecedented and special gaming experience.

Reviews and Comments (Summary)

High Ratings
● Thinking about efficient delivery methods made time fly by quickly.
● The story is unique and engaging for those who enjoy futuristic narratives.
● Realized I actually enjoy delivering things.

Low Ratings
● The story was complex, making it difficult to immerse in the world.
● Challenging for gaming novices or those who only occasionally play games.
● Since movement is the main aspect of the game, opinions vary among players.

Earth Defense Force 6 / Metascore: No data

Game Overview

Survive a future of despair and defend the Earth till the end

“Earth Defense Force 6” is a third-person shooting game released in August 2022, where players take on the role of a defense force member, fighting against invaders such as giant insects and robots to protect Earth.

The story is set a few years after the previous title, “Earth Defense Force 5,” and is constructed with intricate foreshadowing from the previous game, praised as having the highest narrative among the series.

Players choose their deployment type from four different classes with unique traits.

Each class offers various weapons, allowing players to select the one that suits their playstyle best and deploy optimal tactics for individual missions.

In this installment, new elements have been added to each class:

Rangers gain obstacle traversal capabilities and additional backpack tools.
Wing Divers have independently operated equipment capable of carrying two types of weapons.
Air Raiders gain attacking drones that autonomously target enemies.
(*Note: Fencers have seen no changes in their dual-equipment setup.)
These new elements enhance both mobility and strategic depth compared to the previous game.

Moreover, by clearing missions, players can enhance weapons used, improving attributes like attack power and firing rate. They can also attach parts, enhancing the abilities of each class.

Collaborative play is a significant feature, allowing for cooperative engagements with 1-2 players offline and 1-4 players online, crucial, especially when facing high-difficulty missions or colossal enemies.

The game has received an upgrade for PS5 compatibility, resulting in improved graphics and reduced loading times, facilitating swift restarts after failures.

“Earth Defense Force 6” offers an exciting gaming experience by combining high narrative quality, diverse weapons and classes, cooperative play, and a nurturing system.

Reviews and Comments (Summary)

High Ratings
● Achieving victory while trying out different armaments provides an exhilarating sense of accomplishment.
● This time, the story was enjoyable.
● Suitable content recommended for both new and veteran players.

Low Ratings
● Each mission feels somewhat lengthy.
● Some scenarios are challenging for solo players.
● While certain aspects have been updated, the lack of novelty might suffice for those who played the previous installment.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart / Metascore: 89 points

Game Overview

Experience “super-beautiful,” “super-fast,” and “super-exhilarating action”

“Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” released in June 2021 as a PS5 exclusive title, portrays the grand and daring adventure of Ratchet and Clank.

The story begins with the evil Dr. Nefarious opening a portal to another dimension, bringing forth an emperor of evil from a different world, threatening the world where Ratchet and Clank reside.

With elements of family, friendship, and the essence of heroes, Ratchet and Clank embark on an adventure across dimensions to confront the threats from another world.

The game is packed with action where players control Ratchet and Clank, enjoying epic battles and cooperation with allies.

One of the unique features is the ability to traverse dimensions, experiencing adventures, puzzles, and battles in new environments.

In battles against enemies, Ratchet and Clank utilize a diverse range of actions including jumping, dashing, and scaling walls.

Combat involves strategic elements, requiring players to anticipate enemy attack patterns and select appropriate weapons.

Boss battles demand advanced tactics, challenging players to utilize their skills against formidable foes.

With a variety of weapons and movement skills, players aim to clear stages by cleverly combining different weapons and movement abilities.

Utilizing the capabilities of the PS5 hardware, the game provides fast loading times and stunning graphics.

Weapons utilizing the functionalities of the controller add to the immersive gameplay experience.

“Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” blends action, adventure, storytelling, strategic combat, and the advanced capabilities of the PS5 into an enchanting gaming experience.

Reviews and Comments (Summary)

High Ratings
● The graphics and processing power are significantly different compared to previous titles, especially for the PS5.
● Recommended for beginners due to its status as a staple action game.
● Uncommonly easy to operate among recent games, allowing for play without much thought.

Low Ratings
● Lacks depth in replayability, lacking a significant challenge.
● While enjoyable for kids, the content might not appeal as much to adults.
● Little variation in content, both positively and negatively, with minimal changes in the game’s substance compared to previous installments.

Ghostwire: Tokyo / Metascore: 75 points

Game Overview

Confront the unknown, unravel the truth, and save Tokyo

“Ghostwire: Tokyo,” released in March 2022, is a first-person action-adventure game set in Shibuya, where most of humanity has vanished due to mysterious fog.

Throughout the game, an eerie atmosphere of an alternate dimension permeates, requiring the utilization of spiritual powers to combat malevolent spirits and resolve supernatural occurrences in Shibuya.

The story begins with the protagonist, Akito, surviving a traffic accident, saved by the spirit KK’s possession while hovering between life and death.

Guided by the enigmatic presence called Hanako, Akito ventures between realms, dedicating themselves to fight and save Shibuya.

The game adopts an open-world setting, featuring a variety of events scattered across the map besides the main story and side quests.

The thrill of exploring Shibuya’s meticulously recreated cityscape is a distinctive feature.

Initially restricted in activity range, the map gradually expands by purifying torii gates found at various points.

The battle system involves first-person battles using spiritual powers, utilizing elemental abilities like fire, water, and wind to defeat enemies.

It’s possible to guard against enemy attacks, and timing a perfect guard results in zero damage or enemy vulnerability, providing an advantage in battles.

Downed enemies expose their core, allowing a decisive blow by extracting it.

Apart from leveling up in battles, spirits trapped due to human disappearance float around the city. Absorbing them using paper dolls and safely delivering them grants bonus experience for skill upgrades.

Equipping accessories like prayer beads enhances attack skills and reduces damage received, offering various effects.

“Ghostwire: Tokyo” transcends the boundaries between dimensions, offering players an intriguing adventure experience to confront the eerie mysteries of Shibuya.

Reviews and Comments (Summary)

High Ratings
● Despite being open-world, it incorporates various elements, ensuring engaging gameplay till the end.
● Impressive cityscape accuracy, satisfying visuals.
● Clear and comprehensible story with well-developed characters.

Low Ratings
● Battles become monotonous, leading to boredom after extended playtime.
● Unused collected items and such were present.
● Poor controls leading to accumulated frustration; not as highly acclaimed as expected.

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