Overview of Our Site

Thank you very much for visiting our site among the numerous websites available.

On our site, we mainly publish ‘recommended game software,’ ‘game-related services,’ and ‘the latest update information,’ among other things.

The perception of ‘games’ has changed compared to a dozen years ago, and we’ve entered an era where ‘online games’ and ‘apps’ stand as services on their own.

As a result, there’s an overflow of ‘various services’ and ‘game-related information,’ making it quite challenging to keep track of each piece of information.

Within such circumstances, we aim to present information on our site that is useful and as easily understandable as possible.

We hope our articles can be a helpful reference for those who read them.


I’ve been working as a Systems Engineer (SE) in corporate system-related fields for about a dozen years.

While I’ve always had an interest in games, I grew distant from them after becoming a working professional.

However, about 2 to 3 years ago, I resumed playing games.

Despite starting again, I found it challenging to keep up with the latest games.

I had a feeling like, “What exactly is an ‘open world’?”

Moreover, the controls became more complex. I struggled with actions like, “Set a skill with L1+△, then aim with L2 and shoot with R2…?” Initially, when I resumed gaming, there were many games that I found daunting.

PvP games like APEX and DBD became mainstream. As someone who used to play games solo in the past, I felt that even though it’s just gaming, the barrier to entry had become high.

While none of these complexities are insurmountable once you get used to them, it takes a considerable amount of time to become accustomed.

I can understand the feeling of growing distant from games because of this.

Regarding Knowledge of Blogging (HTML, CSS) and YouTube (Recording/Editing Videos)

Despite being an SE, I’m not a web creator or a development-oriented engineer, so I started from scratch as a complete novice.

Starting a blog involves tasks like ‘renting a server,’ ‘installing WordPress,’ and ‘writing the desired blog.’ However, apart from these, there were many intricate aspects (rented server? domain? HTML? CSS? site design, etc.) that often tripped me up.

Although there are many sites that explain things thoroughly, following their instructions sometimes led me to situations where I’d think, ‘This isn’t following the steps, what should I do…?’

I also upload gaming-related videos on YouTube but lacked knowledge of video editing and began by learning as I went along.

Similar to blogging, tasks such as ‘preparing for video recording or audio environments,’ ‘video editing,’ and ‘PC knowledge’ were necessary. Despite starting, things often didn’t go smoothly.

Looking back, my approach was somewhat trial-and-error, but it turned out that just giving it a try was beneficial. Eventually, I managed to shape both my blog and YouTube channel somehow.

The accuracy of the content in both areas still has room for improvement, but I hope to gradually make them better.”